The best software for managing your company's IT infrastructure

Your company’s maintenance and tech support from the cloud, wherever you are.

The New Way To Monitor And Support IT Systems

Systems Management allows simple and affordable management, monitoring and support of all the devices in your company, whether they are in the office or on the move.

Why You Need an IT Managment Solution Like Systems Management

100% Cloud-based Solution

All operations are performed in the cloud. You do not need any additional infrastructure to centrally manage all of your devices, smartphones and tablets.

The Best Proactive Support For Your Users

Resolve your users’ problems proactively by remotely and non-intrusively accessing their computers and devices, wherever they are.

Minimizes Maintenance Costs

Systems Management allows you to optimize the functioning of your IT infrastructure thanks to its automated management and centralized control.

Ticket System

Organize, classify and prioritize incident troubleshooting. Share and reuse technical procedures to resolve incidents.

Discover Systems in Depth

Centralized management and control

Permanent visibility into all your hardware and software, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X workstations and servers, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, printers, and computer networks.
Monitor proactively the status of your devices and reduce the number of incidents with automatic updates.
Automate the most common IT tasks, freeing up time for other projects and value-added tasks.
Apply the policies established, and optimize device power consumption.
Monitor and block user Web browsing by category.

Dramatically reduce calls to support

Remotely monitor and provide support to all devices, even if they are switched off.
Use non-intrusive diagnosis and troubleshooting to boost productivity.
Assess the work done.
Show who has done what, with which device, for how long, etc.
Demonstrate reductions in downtime and support times.
Identify problematic hardware or software.

Real-time device inventory

Control and monitor the CPU, memory and disk usage, services, software, etc. of all devices in the corporate network.
Performance graphs.
Control changes to installed software and hardware.
License management.

More Benefits of System Management

Secure Device Management

Ensure the security of the service through encrypted connections between the devices and the server.

Secure access to the administration console through two-factor authentication in order to check the identity of the administrator.

Remote Control and Messaging

With Systems Management, you can remotely access the desktop of the computers on the corporate network (shared access or total control).

Users can also open tickets to ask for help or communicate directly with the IT department through the messaging and chat system.

Control Your Smartphones and Tablets

Systems Management integrates control and management of mobile devices in a single tool.

Prevent data loss on stolen devices through password-based security and remote wiping.

Find lost or stolen devices and control the apps installed on each device.